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Sanitizing + Disinfecting = RiverCity Cleaners Edmonton

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Encouraging healthy hygiene habits and producing clean, sanitized environments are paramount to improving workers’ stay well and feel protected when and where it matters most. It truly matters from wall to wall, door to door, and floor to ceiling!

This year, we have already had to deal with viruses, which still have not been healed and are still a huge public health fulmination. Now it is cold season, which can be dangerous and harmful on its own. Combine the two, and the risks are exponentially higher.

In these unusual incidents, worker wellness is significantly more essential than ever ahead. However, in the face of so much fear, uncertainty, and sickness, how can you help keep your work people safe?

Commercial Cleaning for any Industry

  • So, how do you clean and disinfect all those surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces? With RiverCity Cleaners, our cleaning professions can properly sanitize a whole building.
  • Whether your organization performs its home in an office building, hospital, or institution, we deliver expert commercial cleaning services that ease better healthful work environments also keep your buildings shining. Our cleaning experts are pleased to offer Commercial Cleaning, our proprietary practice that serves better than regular cleaning methods. We also use green sanitation products that stay extremely effective without dropping back any trash or smells. No matter what variety of business you own, we hold the machines and systems to handle your sanitation and disinfecting facilities.
  • The Commercial Cleaning used in the RiverCity Cleaners offers medical-grade disinfection to quickly defeat bacteria and viruses – including the cold & flu and disinfectant pathogens.
  • RiverCity Cleaners helps to sanitize hospital operating places. It uses an electrostatic sprayer and allows the disinfectant to reach more areas on a tiny level.

Safe & Healthy Environment  

The Coronavirus disease has surely been scary, and it still is – particularly when you combine it with cold & flu season. From a public health perspective, we’ve never seen anything as disastrous as COVID-19. In and of itself, cold & flu season alone is a scary time of year. Combine the two, and we’ve obviously got some incredibly serious issues at hand. 

  • We’ll enlighten your facility individually and then design customized sanitation and disinfecting methods that absolutely suit your needs. We can schedule our services at a time and frequency that operates most suitable for yourself and your business.
  • Our cleansing specialists are fully trained and use exclusive cleaning and sanitizing ways that dramatically minimize dirt and bacteria, among different mixtures.
  • A clean workspace reduces worker sick days and preserves your clients from harmful viruses and bacteria.

While commercial cleaning is incredibly important right now, it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly scary.

Contact your local RiverCity Cleaning Services today to evaluate and learn how a customized industrial cleaning method can fight for yourself and your workers!

To learn more about RiverCity Cleaners, call us at 780-436-5006. We look ahead to supporting you create tidy and more hygienic surroundings

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