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Why You Should Outsource Janitorial Services For Your School

February 1st, 2017Blogs1 Comment »

Institutions such as schools and other education facilities always face the dilemma of whether to outsources janitorial services or to handle them internally. The latter involves bringing in dedicated staff to clean while the former involves contracting a cleaning company to handle the janitorial duties. Ultimately, institutions have found that it is easier and far more cost efficient to outsource janitorial services than to have them as an internal component of the school. Here are some of the top reasons for this trend.

Benefits of specialization

A cleaning company specializes in cleaning services; that is all they do. What this means is that they are far more likely to have staff with the right training, have the right equipment and keep up with the latest technology in cleaning services. This translates to better quality of service and overall, better and cleaner school.

It also means that you can concentrate on what you do best which is delivery of knowledge to learners and forget having to worry about cleaning agents and cleaning tools. Everyone therefore is better off ultimately. Even within the cleaning sphere, you are likely to get specialized cleaning staff to deal with particular cleaning needs such as window cleaning, cleaning chemicals in the laboratories and so on if you are dealing with a cleaning company.

Janitorial services are scalable

Depending on your needs, you can change the frequency of the cleaning visits if you are using an outside cleaning contractor to provide janitorial services to your school. Remember that if you are dealing with employed staff, you do not have this kind of flexibility to scale up or down.

For example, if you are having an event at the school and anticipate you will need extra cleaning staff, you can request your cleaning contractor to provide these additional staff as well as extra resources (bins etc.) which you can then scale back as soon as the event ends.  It also means that you can tailor your cleaning package to fit your current budget and if that changes, you can easily adjust upwards or downwards.

Compare this with having to worry about staff recruitment and staff layoffs every year when your school budget is adjusted. The time wasted on recruitment and the negative effect of layoff on your staff would cause incredible damage to the morale and efficiency of your staff.

A cost-effective method to keep the school clean


Running janitorial services internally comes with all the associated overheads that come with maintaining staff and equipment. Worse, because these are not your core expertise area, the likelihood of running these efficiently and productively is far less than if a specialist cleaning company was doing it. Overall, having these services internally is a less efficient use of resources than outsourcing it to an external company.

Eliminate staff management headaches

If you work with your own internal cleaning staff members, then you have to worry if cleaning staff fall ill or have to take a few days off. If you are dealing with a cleaning company, you are guaranteed that your school will be cleaned regularly and on time as per the agreed contract. If your regular cleaner falls ill, then it is the responsibility of the cleaning company to find replacement staff. In a nutshell, this stops being your problem and becomes someone else’s problem.

The debate on whether to outsource janitorial services or to retain them internally ultimately boils down to efficiency, reliability and cost. In that sense then, outsourcing your janitorial services for your school is the way to go as it offers clear cost savings, is reliable, and gets the job done much more effectively. There are reputable companies that offer janitorial services in Calgary – call them and find out more today!

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