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Work from Home Is Pleasant, But The Office Wants You Back

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RiverCity Cleaners can help you to bring your team back to work safely.
We help you in producing a sanitary and healthy workspace.
We accept work environment prosperity to clean and sterilize the workplace, great correspondence, signage methodologies, and solid office culture for COVID and past. We trust these tips for office security will give both information and significant serenity as we explore this basic general medical problem. Cleaning and sanitizing public spaces, Janitorial spaces including your workplace, Offices school, institutes, home, business, commercial places, condominium places
Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening public spaces that will require careful planning.

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What services we offer:

1.  Office Cleaning 

2.  Condo Cleaning 

3.  Institute Cleaning 

4.  Industrial Cleaning

5.  Janitorial Cleaning

6.  Long Term Care Facility

7.  Show Home Cleaning

Even if COVID-19 has not arrived in your office, employers should start doing these things

Encourage employees to wash their hands regularly and stay at least one meter away from people who are coughing or sneezing.

Prop open doors to lessen touching of handles.

Place glass or plexiglass barriers wherever people have to meet to communicate and exchange documents or materials, including secretarial workstations.

Practice social distancing, wear facial coverings, and follow proper prevention hygiene, such as washing your hands frequently and using alcohol-based (at least 60% alcohol) hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

Owning a neat and healthy workspace is a significant base for driving a successful company. Though, most company proprietors take notice of such matters only when they get entirely out of control.

Security Standards to be followed by the organization.

One-way entry

Probably, your workplace should implement separate arrivals and departures. This will reduce overcrowding as people enter and leave and can ensure social distancing can be achieved.

Staggered entry times

Plan for your employees to come at staggered periods to help social distancing. This will ensure people are using entrances, washrooms, and other facilities at separate times.

Hand sanitizer positions

Fixings of hand sanitizer stations at essential places in your building, including at the gate and near more touching facilities (i.e., Next to washrooms and photocopiers, etc.) Provide different hand sanitizers at each workstation for guarding proper health and hygiene.

Screens and barriers

Protect workers with customer-facing roles or staff who own many intercommunications with other workers (i.e., receptionists) by setting up partitions and barriers.

Cleansing touchpoints spaces

Implement a very proper cleaning plan for numerous touchpoints, including doorway handles, printers, sinks, and other toilet surfaces. These touchpoints should be washed many times a day.

All the industries and the rest of society have been tremendously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, the business has to make some changes and adjust to the contemporary condition while navigating through daily business methods, team management, and maintaining your Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Janitorial workplace cleaned and healthy.

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