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A Look At The Golden Habits For A Clean And Tidy Office

November 28th, 2016Uncategorized1 Comment »

For a lot of people, the office is actually a second home, because that is where they spend the better part of their day to earn a living and impact society. Therefore, it absolutely pays to keep a clean and tidy office. It is easy to get the workplace dirty as compared to cleaning it. Regular cleaning helps ensure a clean and healthy workplace for your employees and clients. It builds the business image and motivates your staff. There are golden habits that help maintain maximum cleanness in the office. Here is a look at them and why you should consider having them at the workplace.

Creating a cleaning schedule


The first most important thing to do is to create a cleaning schedule. Once you have a schedule, be persistent and consistent about it. A cleaning schedule helps you appreciate the need to schedule and delegate cleaning tasks accordingly. It allows you to achieve a lot without spending too much time. It reduces the possibility of calling things off and piling up dirt at the office. With a good cleaning schedule, it is advisable to get your staff on board. Ensure that they know how they can contribute toward a clean office environment and how to effectively make use of the cleaning schedule for a greater outcome.

Acquiring basic cleaning items

Your employees need adequate time to focus on their daily tasks. It would not be ideal to let them pitch in a lot with a bit of every now and then office cleaning. However, you can acquire basic cleaning supplies for the office. This will help motivate your staff to do minor cleaning tasks. You should ensure that there are basic cleaning supplies such as dust pan, disinfectant surface spray, vacuum cleaner, mob and bucket as well as sponges and detergents. This will make things even easier when you arrange for janitorial services in Edmonton.

Making use of the suggestion board

It is good to ensure that there is a suggestion board in the office that specifically highlights some of the areas that require immediate cleaning attention. This is because you can easily get lazy and ignore low traffic areas in the office. Low traffic areas tend to have a significant buildup of dirt and grime because people simply pay less attention to them. Therefore, it is recommendable to encourage everyone to make use of the suggestion board. This will ensure that the entire office stays clean.

Taking out garbage

You should pick on the habit of taking garbage out in the afternoon. This is because garbage that is left in the office attracts pest and causes bad odor overnight. In particular, food scraps in the bin cause bad odor the next day. The last thing you would want is waking up early for work only to end up in a workplace that has a foul smell. This will not only affect you but also your employees. Getting rid of garbage in the afternoon is an ideal solution. It helps avoid all these problems.

Free space

Lastly, you should ensure that there is free space in the office. There should not be piles of boxes or papers lying around in the office as these can be a potential slip hazard. Things get even worse when hot coffee or any liquid ends up on these piles. You can handle this problem by ensuring there are enough recycle bins in the office.

Office cleanness is all about building a culture that appreciates tidiness. It helps build employee confidence and reduces cases of health issues. All you simply need to do is start working on some of these habits to make a positive change!

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  1. Totally agree with you about office tidyness and cleanness. It cuts down on safety issues and makes everyone feel better.

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