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What Should You Include In Your Year-Round Building Cleaning Schedule?

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A clean building creates a great first impression not just for your customers but also for your work associates. It can signify your commitment to providing them high quality products and services at all times. You need to make sure that every corner is sparkling clean, no matter what. To help you accomplish that, you have to consider things to include in your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules.

For everyday cleaning

Many of your office equipment and some other touch points need every day cleaning. Sanitising your door knobs, elevator buttons, handrails and even your water fountains if you have one will be a great place to start with. You should do the same for your keyboards, monitors and touch-screen devices.

You get to use all these things and even your clients may get their hands on all of these items thus the need to clean them on a daily basis. You have to pay particular attention to all other shared items and surfaces inside the building including kitchen and bathroom spaces. You can keep germs at bay when you do so. All you will need in this regard is a powerful disinfectant that will work well on each surface.

Additionally, you have to make sure that all flat surfaces and floors in the workplace are thoroughly cleaned. This will help you lessen the need for deep cleaning tasks later on. In order to shoo away dust and dirt, you will need to vacuum and mop your floors. Make sure that trash is taken out daily from all corners of the workplace.

For weekly cleaning

The building may be closed for business for the weekend. Once you close the place at the end of one workweek, you have to remember doing additional cleaning tasks. You will need to sanitise and deodorise the building as usual. Add to that, you should dust electronic devices like calculators, copy machines, phone systems and furniture. This will keep dust and other debris from destroying the finish of each electronic device and furniture in the retail space.

After wiping off dust from the surfaces of these items, you should also clean and deodorise your coffee pot, coffee maker, refrigerator and any other appliance inside the kitchen or break room. When you have done this, you can be sure that the space will look and smell fresh like before.

For monthly cleaning

Monthly cleaning will require focusing on all corners of every component in the building. This will include putting much attention into your floors and windows making sure that you can protect them from wearing out easily. Remove stubborn dirt by steam cleaning or buffing your floors using professional cleaning equipment. It is important to choose your cleaning products wisely to prevent any untoward damage to the components. Wipe windows to improve the overall look of the workspace. Dust off baseboards, air vents, fans, blinds and all other items that may have gathered too much dust, dirt and grime for the entire month.

Hiring cleaning experts to help

The above-mentioned tasks and schedule will help ensure that your building will welcome your clients and associates positively. Remember though that you cannot do these tasks on your own since you will be very busy overseeing all other things to run your business. Your employees will not be able to sanitise door knobs and elevator buttons on a daily basis as well. You will need to hire an expert who will help you in this regard.

If you are looking for help to accomplish all these tasks, hire a professional cleaning service in Calgary. Let professional cleaners make sure that your building is clean all year round!

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