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What Green Restroom Care Janitorial Services Should Entail

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Scientific research has make available useful information that is easily digestible to consumers, parents and workers. The information about health particularly in cases where certain environmental factors play a unique role in the transfer of disease-causing organisms. In addition, it highlights both the short-term and long-term effects of cleaning agents and disinfectants that are commonly used for sanitization especially prone to high-traffic areas.

Right selection of tools

Restroom care is heavily dependent on the tools that are used. At the moment, the most common system involves use of clear color-coded microfiber cloth, which is effectively applied with the Two-Bucket Method.  The approach is reliable because it minimizes the potential or magnitude for surface cross-contamination and ensures that all waste is effectively eliminated.

With a green cleaning product, you can further get rid of wastes and reduce the effects of mere guess work, which is likely to be the case with cleaning staff who know little about the best hygienic practices. Use of green products also reduces exposure to highly concentrated products that may cause skin irritation.

Floor and fixture upgrade

The nature of facilities also dictates the kind of additional fixtures and features that are to be included in restroom services. This may mostly require particular technique and equipment that will effectively handle areas such as floor drains, baby changing stations, stall latches and graffiti. For baby changing stations, highly contaminated surfaces can be disinfected when parents have an easy access to sanitizing wipes.

Floor drains are popular germ magnets and can be found in places such as spas, pools, beaches and showers among others. Floor drains need to be removed occasionally and thoroughly scrubbed. They should then be polished. Drainage pipes also need to cleaned and disinfected regularly to thwart bacterial growth. Graffiti can be handled by ensuring there are green solvent products for cleaning.

Trash receptacles and stall latches

These two are culprits when it comes to harboring germs. In particular, trash receptacles have a bad smell. That is why they need to be emptied at the most appropriate time. Otherwise, it will increase germ transfer and may even cost your business reputation. Therefore, regular scrubbing and disinfecting of the receptacles will help uphold hygiene.

Stall latches common in bathrooms get high-traffic. That means that they are more likely to harbor more germs and bacteria. Just like the trash receptacles, regular disinfecting can really help ensure hygiene.

Auto-mode for business intelligence

With the ever increasing business cost, the need to streamline services in view of employee and client satisfaction also rises. The result of which involves the application of technologies tailor-made to ensure efficiency in operation. As such, it is possible to ensure timely procurement of cleaning products. Businesses can have the best automated cleaning and disinfection innovations that significantly help minimize exposure to germs. Technology also allows for the use of tracking applications that clearly show peak and off-peak periods during the day. This makes it possible to coordinate cleaning and disinfection operations.

Green restroom care is all about upholding hygiene to the highest possible degree. For instance, you can get technologies that allow you to monitor trash level in the receptacles when you hire commercial cleaning services in Calgary. Thus, you can empty them at the right time and avoid a pileup. A clean environment always gives your business a good image.

Cleaning should not just be in the restroom but also everywhere in the office. Commercial buildings are known to get so much traffic. Green restroom care ensures your staff and clients are not exposed to germs despite the level of traffic. A healthy workplace is a productive place. Go green and you will note the difference over time!

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