Commercial Janitorial Services


Why You Should Outsource Janitorial Services For Your School

February 1st, 2017Blogs1 Comment »

Institutions such as schools and other education facilities always face the dilemma of whether to outsources janitorial services or to handle them internally. The latter involves bringing in dedicated staff to clean while the former involves contracting a cleaning company to handle the janitorial duties. Ultimately, institutions have found that it is easier and far […]

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Why Do Cubicle Walls Need Your Attention?

September 18th, 2016Blogs3 Comments »

Cubicles or fabric covered panels are an integral part of many commercial buildings. When it comes to commercial cleaning, most of the offices have a certain cleaning schedule for the hard floors and carpets. However, these upholstered walls are either overlooked or at times neglected. This is certainly not the right approach. It is very […]

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